Dear FFDers,   I realize the subject line has been used for an advertising slogan, but I wouldn't steal it if it were not true.   Our "little van that could"  allowed me to not miss this boat this morning.  The usual offerings of Georges bank , but if you want freshness,that's what unusual. It is true when I say none fresher.   from said boat:
         1)    large Pollack
         2)    large cod
         3)    large flounder
         4)    large hake

   Other goodies :            artic char,   "mayflower point oysters" (dennis,MA cape variety), tuna toro, swordfish,  wild king salmon, fresh mussels PEI type,    so far we've nice offshore haddock,  some weird snapper varieties(queen and lane).  there's plenty more to chose from in the fresh seafood dept.  
  a quick mention of the homemade dept.  :
    1) crab cakes
    2) calamari salad
    3) baked stuffed clams
    4)   fisherman's stew (gumbo type thang)
    5)  Fish chowder ( hopefuly this aft)
    6)   albacore tuna salad  (tomorrow;  place your early's that popular0
    7) Froz Seafood Dept.  1(  stuffed haddock
        2)  flounder Florentine
        3)   lobster new-burg
           gonna experiment with lobster mac and cheese for later in the week
yummy red grapes,   organic red leaf lettuce,    Comice pears,  organic fugi apples,   new cantalopes(not sure of taste ,yet)   all natural cider from an orchard in Harvard , MA  real tasty.   really fresh and skinny asparagus.   All this under one roof ..i know it is hard to believe, but the theme today is truthful advertising and if you come in today or tomorrow, or Thursday even, I promise you won't be disappointed.  
    Thanks for your time..  Fred