Dear FFDers, Hope everyone found their sweetie yesterday and were able to tell them just what they meant to you.  If you weren't able to do it over dinner, we've got some options for you if y'all can connect in the next couple of days. Easier said than done these days.  There was a smart boat that made returned to port this am in Boston.  Now that I'm back on
 the scene I can spot some stuff that's bit different and get it into your hands at the right freshness and a better price.
    from said boat:  scrod haddock   (under 3 lbs),   sow hake ( over 15 lbs and after filleting I can make medallions of thick flaky moist delicate white fish. Definitely one of my favorites.   Hake is a great all purpose fish that the portugese folks can't get enough of for their stews and chiappinos. 
  Others:  wild King salmon for a switch from the coho, native shrimp(head on),  maine day boat scallops, lg flounder fillets, grouper, char,  really nice sword, and the faroe island atl salmon that is the best tasting farmed salmon I've come across. Running ow on soups and I'm running low on energy so we may not have much there till thursday.  Got a checkup and a hockey game o atend tomorrow , but Nick and Alex will be here all day to send you home with something very nice.  Got the produce too:
    1) organic red Leaf lettuce
    2) Organic fugi apples..snappiest and juiciest apple this time of year
   3)   Oranic Lemons
    4) teeny tiny asparagus
    5)  a melon type thing that was highly recommended by sales guy
    6) new batch of comice pears...can't be a while lot longer on these
    7)   Temple oranges..for fresh squeezed there's nothing close til valencias abit later
    8)   Lg grapefruit ..pretty much peak should treat yourself
    Plenty more...just check the special board when you come in   ;)