Dear FFDers,   Kind of a routiner today..I've got alot of really nice fish on hand, but I get a bit out of sorts when the main staple of this business , Haddock,  is going through their two  month spawning period and , though fresh, it's just not the critter we're used to the remaining 10 months of the year. Who knows what goes on down there but eating is not one of them and the result is a longer leaner a bit less flakey fillet.  It stilll tastes great and it's still very amenable to a crumb stuffing or a veggie , tomato topping. But I've got a bunch of you folks liking the bigger thicker portions and we'll just have to wait a bit and be patient as the Queen haddock. does her thing to ensure her future..  For white fish with size and freshness the hake and cod are both available and could easily impress company.
  Got some nice sword today, and yes since that  wild fresh king is selling and looking especially nice though not comedown much in price, we've got plenty..  I'll have the frozen wild coho tomorrow for those who wish to save 12 dollars a pound. 
   1)  Oysters in the shell..deep water welfleet variety
    2)   Little necks from RI . get creative with the sauces and casinos
   3)  Fresh albacore tuna salad for tomrrow
    4)  seafood stuffing ( garlic , sherry , mushrooms) for the flounder or white ones
    5) florentine (spinachy topping for anything or a nice side
    6)   fresh organic red leaf
    7) nice mangoes and an asian pear that is notably sweet and crisp for an end of dinner treat.
    8)  a gumbo that's a meal with more fish clams and mussels in it making it the "steal of a deal" this week....Mayor Nagin wishes he had this one

   As usual, i could go on , but in order to speak the truth I had better produce the aforementioned..  updates as we progress with the offerings..  thanks for your time.  Fred