Dear FFDers, Nice lineup today, boys and girls.   Remember me speaking of an occasional friday moveout special that different suppliers might be offering?  One such bahgain was this wild King salmon from the Copper River in AK.  This particular fish draws ooohs and aaahhhs due to this critter farrowing out the best feed grounds while at sea and returns with the richest fat content of the short season.  The japanese during their economic hay-day pretty much gobbled up the entire stock and when their economy came back to earth and the american situation boomed during the 90's the copper river brand began to show up throughout the US.  Still, is was prohibitive in cost for average Joes and we all settled for a very acceptable alternative in the Farmed atlantic.  to keep it short:  the Japeanese aren't buying much at all these days , and the american economy continues to slug along, leaving not many outlets for fish that people can't afford.  so , being in the right spot at the right time this morning gave me the chance to grab a couple of these Kings and offer them to my faithful at about one half of the cost ; of course you have to believe that $14.95 is about half the cost. and though this business will turn one into a liar as quickly as you can devain a shrimp... this is the truth. Come on down'll see what the fuss is about.
    many others for the weekend gang:
     1)  Halibut....(monger vernacular: "ice cream")
     2) Tuna,.... searable , grillable
    3)  Fresh Bluefish
     4) swordfish...a beauty
    5)  sea Scallops...  maybe my favorite for the BBQ

 More simply put:  all the grillers.
   One thing to celebrate in addition to all these peak season fishes,and you moms and dads of high-school seniors can attest to,  my son Nolan made it through prom night without being arrested, no small feat giving the # of the EPD on the prowl preying on the teens of today.  But I digress...
 So swing on down , for some great produce as well :  native straws , nice tomatoes, lettuce and Nick tried his hand at potato salad,   pasta shrimp salad, calamari.  Hopefully later tomorrow we'll have  another albacore salad made.  Thank you for your time...   Fred