Dear FFDers,

 Upon my return from my high-school class of 69's 45th reunion and recieving feedback from the organizers about what a success it was and fun had by all etc;  I'll have to admit during the proceedings me and one of my same page buddies looked at each other and queried simultaneously, "is this it?" Meaning: where were the class cut-ups, the tipsies to make fun off, the daredevils diving into the brook, the horseshoe competition, the dirty dancing? We gave it a half hearted  shake and a shrug concurring that we hoped it was not,  however we had to admit it could be so; unless some rip roarers return  for the 50th.  There are some similarities that pertain to the salmon run over on the west coast.   ie, she's showing signs of slipping away.   From here on  things gets a tad more spotty and we all know what happens when things get scarce, (and here's the connection from the salmon to the opposite sex) they cost alot more! So swing on by for a treat while these fish are showing good fat and are less than the cutoff of $20/lb. Along with that we have...

  1) Wild King Salmon
  2)  Grand Banks Sword
  3)  Wild, Fresh, Chem. Free North Carolina Shrimp
  4)  Costa Rican Whole Lane Snappers
  5)  Large Georges Bank Haddock
  6)  Sow Hake
        and so on.
  1) Yummy Corn
  2) Garden Tomatoes
  3) Hood River Cherries
  4) Local Basil
  5) Jersey Peaches And Nectarines (scrumptious)
   If planning a Maine Lobster as time winds down we got those and some beautiful Steamers too for a mid week splurge or the gang for the weekend.
Thanks so much for your time