Dear FFDers, how else can I explain a new exeterite (june) who lives within waking distance to us and tho wings aren't noticeable, she possesses all the qualities ( aside being a trained chef) inherent in being an angel.  Rebecah, the ideal infusion of youthful energy , creativitity , and ability just may be able to shore up this old codger's enthusiasm to properly represent.  I 've got acquiring the fish down pretty good after 30 plus, but getting people in the door more often to buy more is not my strength.  Rebecah will have some items that will enhance ( sauces, stuffings) the entreees, or entrees for a future meal.   for example:
  1)   fresh tarragon , lemony , caper vinagrette....great over the salmon or halibut   ( anything really) ....she made salmon burgers this am as's dynamite on those

..2)  HALIBUT   over spinach with asparagus  with the above sauce poured over it..  a great meal for two ...

  We are at a very initial stage of our relationship, and welcome all input...but jujst remember if it means more work....i'm out...:)

  she'll be slaving away when school is in session ( mother of 2 younguns) on tuesdays and fridays if it proves worthwhile..  
  so we'e pretty full over on the prepared side of the showcase, and new arrivals of north atl white ones like : haddock and cod and hake and flounder are available..  sword, halibut , snapper, scallops and shrimp to start the week off should suffice..let us know what you want for the weekend before friday as that will be my next run to Boston..   

   we have some really nice littlenecks for you clam sauces, mussels, and a nice briny RI oyster to perk up the taste buds before dinner.
   Thanks for your patronage and hope you enjoy some of the new thangs....Fred