Dear FFDers,   I realize this is sat. aft and by the time many of you  read this it'll be after we close.  but just to plug a couple things that are possibly even better the next day.: 
   Fish Chowder  no salt pork or salt   vegetarian friendly...local herbage and imported wine for seasonings
   Albacore Tuna salad...  Too many disappointed faces when not available
  Calamari Salad
   Lobster Mac and Cheese
...yes, trendy ...but still good.  getting relatively positive feedback
   Plenty of Ipswich steamers, and lobsters
   Swordfish ..full of fat for moisture and taste
   Large sea scallops..full flavored

      Plenty of the usual staples, that are unusual when you sit down and eat them.  Thanks for your time .    Fred