Dear FFDers, We're kinda back.  Lost a week to being a victim of my own freshness. for years, if I'm impressed by my own fortune to be filleting sashimi quality wild salmon, I'll scrape a sliver off the bone and nibble to  judge the fat content and therefore flavor of that particular fish.  Let's put it this way : if I ever offer you one of these slivers , please refuse it.  I finally got caught with an apparent bacteria level a bit more than I had built immunities to.  Result ?: 2 days of uselessness and about 5 to shake the haze. Haven't been hit like that by anything in a long, long time.  I certainly don't recommend the risk.  This particular wild coho couldn't have been fresher , but was housing the particular bacteria that could have  been devastating for  lesser humans.*s*
  And now that Nolan's ball team has been ousted from the tourney you may even catch me here at the market around the dinner hour.  today and this weekend I'd be glad to offer these really nice items:
        1) Swordfish...finally the right one
        2)  American Red Snapper...real mccoy
        3)   alaskan wild king salmon...sashimi grade
        4)   Halibut steaks    boneless Novi style
        5)   Sea scallops .....  grillers
       6 )     Cod  Large meaty ....Hotel cut
        7)   Maine lobsters,   steamers...never better....might as well mention the CORN
  All these above would wow any company you thought were special enough to be invited for dinner.   some appetizer possibilities:  baked stuffed clams
                          crab cakes...SOFT SHELL CRABS,   crabmeat for dips etc.
                                                        pasta salad / shrimp
                                                        calamari salad
                                                        a small bit of albacore salad also
     hope to get the slaw made by later this aft.
  If you need anything for the graduates, just give a shout and we'll get it together for you  ie.,   lobstermeat ...cooked shrimp.
   Peaches and cantelopes are  very nice for one of your 5 each day.   headed back to assume my position..... thanks for your time.   Fred