Dear FFDers, wait til you see what we have for you.!  Been laying a bit low lately hoping for some real bargains to create some excitement.  Most of past summers when temps rise to near 90 , fish such as haddock and cod, flounder anything that requires the oven to be turned on, gets very affordable due to light demand, and easy fishing keeping supplies high.  Untrue this year; fish simply are not in abundance creating the higher than normal pricing.  To be short, I'm done waiting and have come to the realization that price is just one of the factors when people have decided they'll have fish for dinner. so today I'm going to push the quality and selection theme.  There is a bunch of fishes here and they are fresh.:
   Now that the academy is on break and exeter's asian crowd noticably depleted, I still went ahead and brought back a bunch of small whole snappers that will test you white folk's culinary daring.  I realize skin and bone is a freak out, but the rewards can be almost worth it.
     1) Chilean Sea Bass  (a blast from the past, and if you know a special someone....)
     2) Halibut ( similar to CSB and can handle the same seasonings...and cheaper)
     3)   Artic Char ( superb Griller )
     4)  Wild King salmon...( maybe 3 weeks left of this bad boy....then comes frozen0
     5) Large Sea Scallops....Grillable
     6) Atlantic Farmed consistently excellent
     7) Haddock..Cod... like it should be

1)   Fresh Albacore tuna salad...getting it down to near perfection
 2)  Calamari salad
   3) Baked stuffed clams
 4) Lobster and Crab meat 
 5)  Smoked Trout pate    ( tomorrow)
 Zukes, Summer,  Lettuce,   Cukes,  Blueberries
  Conventional:   Cantelopes, peaches, Pineapples...Native Tomatoes  a few Jerseys tomatoes left for the transplants(human transplants , that is)
    I could go on about the Hard shelled maine Lobsters, some real beauties Nice 1+1/2's and 1+3/4's..on about the steamers and mussels and all those unique dry good items but most likely I should tend to business..  
   Thanks for your time.....Fred