Dear FFDers, I'm sure you're all aware that St Patrick most likely partook of a healthy seafood repast before digging in on his version of a New England boiled dinner the following night.  we've had the stove working hard this am in anticipation of the hordes wishing to follow in His eating pattern.   a couple of examples:
    1) Lobster macaroni and cheese..for 2.....came out pretty good for the initial shot at it
    2) Brand new fish chowder and clam as well
    3) new batch of the fresh albacore tuna salad  ( may want to reserve)
    4)  Calamari salad
    5) Soup:   tomato and rice with minced cherrystones and mussels  ( nobody has this one)
I've put on the marque before :  SOUP CENTRAL ;  today would be one of those
    6)  Frozen dinners"  1) stuffed haddock
    2) Lobster newburg
                                  3) flounder florentine
  Worth putting the flippers on for:
  1)  Sword   $9.95
   2)   Grey Sole    _ _. 95...:)
   3) Atlantic salmon.. yes, farmed .but it really is a great meal
  4)  seas scallops
  5)  Haddock..cod ....your basic staples..I'll increase selection on fri. just call or e-mail with special requests.
      Back to stove in order to make good on all these enticements...
  Thanks for your time...., Fred