Dear FFDers,  There's a little bit of humor that is passed amongst the bretheran  of fish mongers as we make our stops around the pier in Boston.  Each house that we all frequent and buy from, that has there own particular specialty, always strives for the best available product, however there are always so many factors that go into that not being the case. Thus, there's always something that is on its last legs and is reduced in price accordingly.  and as one particular buyer will feel he has a home for these items and wheels it out the door past onlookers he might just blurt out "Yup,  House of quality." this will elicit understanding  smiles from his cohorts.
  Though we can't avoid having those items as well, today "house of quality" means just that.  It's all about the newest fish being newly filleted that ensure the best quality available for you to take home and prepare. some stuff we're particularly proud of:
     1)  Alt salmon..literally off the plane from scotland this am.
     2)  Swordfish....texture and fat content just right
     3) Bluefish,,,creeping up the coast( branny new, branny clean)
     4)  North atlantic gems:  Haddock, Cod, Hake, Fluonder
     5)  East coast Halibut(  had to throw it on for those who insist) 
     6)  Wild King salmon  pre0froz , but it might be hard to tell
     7)   Cape bay scallops..  best thing in the ocean and that's saying something( last of the season)
     8)   Oysters in shell  (some little cove off of buzzards bay)   new harvest
     9)  Ipswich Steamers

     The list goes on..but we're all busy.  making lobster mac and cheese this aft. and the produce is abundant.:
        1)  first of the year domestic (california)  ASPARGUS
2)   organic Fugi apples
        3) Organic red leaf lettuce
        4) " Magnificent "  Melons  like a lope , but better
        5)  Export quality grapefruits
        6)  Garnet Yams..just might be the best thing in the store today
    Like i said we're all busy so i won't go into the prepared section today   ...just come in and browse, cuz we'll have some things there that could make life a bit simpler tonight..   thanks for your time...  Fred