Dear FFDers,  A big sigh of relief this week as Irene piddled by and yes I was grumbling as to why there was no electricity for 15 hours at my house when there was virtually no wind and even less rain.  I am a NH boy and grew up on the conn. river in a couple towns : plainfield and hanover. I left after college and eventually landed in X-town.  By tuesday and wednesday my e-mails was popping with stories of my classmates who remain in the so called Upper valley.   They were describing levels of brooks and rivlets  that feed into the Conn as triple the level as any they remember.  ( remember i'm 60 as aforementioned.) 40 miles south as the Conn swelled the devastation in terms of flooding has been documented to the point of sleepy little vermont simply won't be the same for a long, long time. The phrase "can't get there from here" now has a very truthful intention and nobody's smirking up there.  In short we're back like nothing ever happened and our neighbors won't recognize there own driveways for years. 
   Our good fortune allows us to venture on over to Fred's for all of these treats:
   1)   big fat COD
   2)  Artic char
   3)  moist  flavorful Sword    .....special weekend price due to mini glut of boats rushing home: 9.95
  4)  Yes , Wild salmon...  altlantic salmon....wonderful grillers
  5) Fresh Halibut
 6)   Whole or fillet to order Snapper
   7) Fresh   Clam and Fish Chowders
   8)  Large sea scallops
   9 smoked Trout Pate...
 Had a bit of a rush on steamers this am but do have poundage left...   the lobsters I'm going to get in Kittery in the morning and they are simply perfect.  Early shedders that have firmed up to offer good meat yield and never better taste.
   Nick's got a new specialty of marinated mussels that me and Alex add our two bits to in order to get people running back for ..really nice appetizer.
  10)  calamari salad by noon tomorrow.
   Hope to see you soon .  and while you're on the deck or patio enjoying the very reason we live where we do, ask Him for help in making our neighbors', to the westard, transition to normalcy calm and fast.  Their politics are a bit questionable, but believe me, there's a bunch up there worth pullin for.   Thanks for your time.... Fred