Dear FFDers, Kinda looking like a legit operation this am.   things that standout from the produce section.  Fla. Straws
              Adolfo mangoes.. finally some gooduns
              Garnet Yams and these Asian Sweet Taters have become real popular
              Pink Grapefruit selected for export, but we them right here
              Beet greens , spinach,  mushrooms , shallots and garlic, other culinary addons
              aspargus , beginning to taste like asparagu

   Fresh Fish:   Pretty endless..., Idaho Trout
                  Halibut fillet
                  Shad Roe
                   Grey Sole
                  alaskan cod..real fresh , filleted to order and more affordable than local
                  Icelandic haddock fillets and whole canadian hadddock ; your choice
                  sharp looking sword,  snapper, faroe island atl.  salmon.   wild king tomorrow
                  extra yummy sea scallops. wild gulf shrimp
            basically too much to mention and not lose your attention
,  so swing on in.  
  I will mention the ALBACORE TUNA SALAD that i made yesterday , that the more i make it the better it gets...  as  is the case with anything in life. Which is why the more often you shop at FFD, the better you'll get.    Thanks for your time,   Fred