Dear FFDers,  gonna try and take advantage of a hopefully mini-lull on this, another, lenten fri.  Hopefully none of you forgot and avoided the sausage this morning and the ham sandwich for lunch. If not, forgiveness can be attained by making a visit to your friendly neighborhood fish market.  I'll make sure you don't receive any wrath.  Funny how in one short generation this fish on fridays has taken on a different thrust.  I'm assuming in those days it was a form of sacrifice to abstain from a good steak.  Now we're talking seafood being a special occasion; and it tastes sooo good,.... hardly being deprived.So take advantage of an opportunity to indulge and still improve on your chances of getting into heaven.   Here's some of those pieces of the stairway:
    1) Hake ..perfect
    2)  Scallops   likewise
    3)   fresh wild King  ... synonym for "likewise"
    4)  Snapper and grouper....very fresh and exciting
    5)  Tuna Toro
    6)  Ipswich Steamers,  cape cod littlenecks,   PEI mussels and a RI type oyster.
    7)   swordfish   right amount of fat ensuring moisture and taste

  Plenty of new produce allowing you to  avoid that stop.   It's a full store today and there's always more things than this lull allows to mention.   so swing on in.   thanks for your time..Fred