Dear FFDers,   Hard to get a rhythm going to this spring thing...but one constant that can help, is serving up a hot bowl or plate of something yummy for dinner from the North atlantic..  kinda can take the edge of these dank afternoons.( at least a close second to the vino, I realize)  Just in shoppers:
   1) beautiful large cod
   2)  Fresh halibut
   3)  Native and Icelandic haddock..(icelandic not so spawny)
   4)  Sea Scallops
5)   Nice fresh Sword
  6)  New Flounder fillets
also...    some weirduns , grouper,   wild coho....frozen shad roe
     Homemade here at FFD;
    1)  Lobster Mac and Cheese
    2) new albacore salad....make a great tuna melt
    Fish chowder...has had a day to get the flavors blended
    4)  Seafood Gumbo
    5)  New Ipswich steamers
    6)   Freezer items :    Stuffed Haddock and  Flounder Florentine

  And since we have more cherrystones than we know what to do with,  Chef Nick and i will be experimenting with a red clam sauce that should be ready for the 4 o'clock crowd.  Doesn't have to go on pasta..  toasted baquette and the organic mesclun would be nice complimentary goods. 
  New melons, grapefruit, and the california asparagus lettuce and apples...and green beans.   and more, more, more     simply stated::: enough to allow you to  " Skip the Trip to the Strip".      See you soon  and thanks for your time.....Fred