Dear FFDers,   Sure doesn't feel like it , but it is spring. As we sit and grumble about the delay,  many fish are working hard to return to their birth river in order to maintain their specie. fish that don't return also spawn  during the next couple months as the flounder are bursting with eggs that I'm filleting.  a few of you with NJ, PENN, or NY or even CONN roots may have actually heard of the shad.  She's been recently over harvested and the shad fishery in the conn or hudson river has been essentially shut down, leaving her roe, a traditional rite of spring another thing of the past.  However, a few processors are collecting the shad from the Chesapeake rivers and a trickle of the roe make it to beantown and yes, FFD.  I won't get into recipes here..if you've had shad roe you know what to do with it.  I'm a partaker and yes, it's not that bad.
  On the other side of the world the wild king salmon is making her way back as well into the rivers of alaska.  There happens to be a world wide demand, though I'm unsure of the Japanese market these days, and the first to show bring a pretty penny.  I'm gambling a bit on the exeter area market as this particular beauty I brought back will be selling for the tidy sum of $23.95.  worth it??  at this stage of the season ..yes.  June July when a small glut of these kings arrives on the market prices get into the teens.   If you can wait , fine.  but if you're a here and now kind of buyer we are here with the goods.
  Real proud of: sword, cod , flounder, atl salmon, fresh crabmeat.
     homemade :albacore tuna salad
    going to be workin this aft. on a red type stewy gumbo thang.   never know how it will finish as each one is different as we keep finding fishes, clams , mussels, andouille sausage and veggies to make it work somehow. Boys: It's a good one for the prostate...Girls: good for the figure.
   Gotta go make good on these promises...  thanks for your time    fred