Dear FFDers,  You got me!  Is this a holiday or is it Wed. or next weekend?   We've got no choice but to be prepared for all 3 sessions..leaving ? looking to take the good stuff...can do.  Wednesday celebration?  come in early.   company arriving? wow 'em... Here's what will make you noticed as such a gracious host(ess)  or someone who knows how to arrive not empty handed when invited to a gathering away from your friendly environs.
   Most of you are too young to remember that the 4th for the settlers in NE a feast of Atlantic Salmon , fresh peas and new potatoes.   Needless to say we are featuring the ocean's end of the bargain..We have plenty of Wild King Salmon as well for those who have been converted..they are both elegant.  Here's a list of others that Charlie Sheen would say are "winning".
    1)  East Coast HALIBUT.....all down hill from here
    2)  LG SEA SCALLOPS.....ideal grillers
    3)  SWORDFISH.......who doesn't like it
    4)  Yellowfin TUNA....
sushi grade
    5) SNAPPER  for those looking to impress with their culinary range
    6) HADDOCK..filleted to order ensuring freshness
   7)   WELLFLEET OYSTERS...wild and briny
    NOT COOKING???? try these
  1) fresh albacore tuna salad...minutes old, never better
  2)  crabcakes...
perfect app for a small crowd
  3)  Mussel Stew with irishman's attempt at the mediterranean
  4)  Shrimp Scampi...zippy sketti,  with seasoned shrimp
  5) marinated and smoked mussels
       please call ahead for you cooked shrimp and lobstermeat....
    PEACHES< CHERRIES< MANGOS< and dare I say "better than native" CORN on the cob....ORGANIC baby LETTUCES...
   as usual the list goes on....plenty of choices  on this 4th of July weekend starting on June 29th................thanks for your time....Fred