Dear FFders, Let me quickly mention some really fine freshness found today in the Haddock, Cod, Hake, Flounder, Grey Sole,( not much else swims in the N Atl. this time of year) yup we got those and plenty others like Bluefish and wild and Farmed salmon some Halibut and plenty of Beautiful Gulf of Mexico red Grouper.  There is a reason that all the Grouper I bring back has such a faithful following:   It tastes really good!!! It has versatility and substance to its texture and is great with fruity salsas, blackened or broiled with just lime and cracked pepper. We have an occasional Asian inquiring about grouper heads for their soups. the flavor of the stock and the meat yield from the collar and cheeks is abundant and very rich tasting.   which brings me to the theme of the this blurb.
   while twiddling thumbs waiting for the afternoon crowd we've used this grouper stock in two soups that are simply gold medal winners. ( just don't ask see the medals , just ask your neighbor who will attest readily to their enjoyment.) 
   1) Traditional Fish Chowder:  oodles of assorted fishes( perfectly aged ) combined with red new potatoes and onions quickly sauteed in a splattering of salt pork .   This latter ingredient I will almost always ask a customer if they intend to use it in their chowder since I believe in its priority.  The settlers dropped it in practically everything and i can see why. either way the one we make is quite gelatinous until heated attesting to its high fish fat ratio which leads to the silky texture and combined with some secret seasonings the raves are incessant.
   2) Seafood Gumbo.  This tomato based conglomeration begins with Trader Joes "Roasted red pepper and Tomato soup and when combined with the Grouper stock and Quahog Juice saved from shucking for the Baked stuffed clams the taste is almost enough by itself..   However we add again the perfectly aged fishes, mussels ,  a splattering of calamari , you may find a shrimp  or two . For color and the southern aspect of the gumbo there is morsels of andouille sausage and minced collard greens.  Since no one has ever made anything quite like this and no recipe exists there is no medal for this either , but believe me if entered into any contest there would be no contest. Humbly put : you should give it a shot. 
 3)  Spicy crab and corn Chowder:   can't take any credit for this one except to say we had the right feeling about it.  Tried it for the Holidays when people would be looking for something abit more festive and ever since we've gotten the requests.   This is perfect for the super bowl crowd and its made by the Kettle Cuisine folks that do everything from scratch and they are pros and we let them handle these complicated ones.
   So we'll try and stay on top of a few of these during the next few weeks of cold, wet, raw, dank weather that calls for something that warms the insides and stays with you to boot.  Enjoy! and thanks for your time,,  Fred