Dear FFDers,  This wouldn't a good day to put the blinders on and just slide on by the store. Beaucoup de bon poisson.!!  Or as we say on front:   Plenty of good fish.  This a great chowder night, perfect baking night, and the sword is so good it would be worth  heading out to the patio and risking a few drops on the "friday night coif" to gain a few wows from your family or friends.
   Check out these others as well:
  1) Halibut ...el primo
  2) Cod, Haddock, flounder,  ...good size, super fresh,  offshore
   3)  Blue fish..RI style, what blue is supposed to be
   4) Salmon:  a) farmed atl,  b) prefroz wild king,  c)  fresh wild coho....3 winners
 5)  Sea scallops  always dry ,,never soaked, very versatile
  6)   Gulf shrimp...   mediums and    collasols  (under 8 to a pound)
  7)   Fresh crabmeat while it lasts...very tight product lately
 8)  Wild maine mussels...more taste than the PEI's but a little more work too.."beardy"

 1)   fresh albacore tuna salad
 3)  Baked stuffed clams
 4)   chowders:    Fish and Clam
  5) Calamari salad
   6)   smoked trout pate
   7)  marinated mussels....great pre-game nibbler

8 )   a great garlic and sherry stuffing for the white fishes, scallops and those Jumbo shimp mentioned above
 Plenty of produce to keep you from the supermarket....asapagus, zuccini, peaches and those yummy Garnet yams ...quite possibly the best thing in the store .   Organic spring mix lettuce. 
   Gotta roll and I'm sure you do too.  Thanks for your time.....fred