Dear FFDers,  It's noticeable on front street, usually with a constant flow of cars , that folks have gone to their different venues of vacations.  Cause it just ain't happening in Exeter. It is  not a destination for activites, but what does stay constant is the quality of offerings at your local "fish store." It is important for me to have the quality and selection for the stay-behinds, for they, in order to not feel let out, bring in folks from outside and they will feed their guests well. That's what we rely on in  the summer when there are fewer people , hoping  they increase their pounds when trying to impress the visitors with their generosity and affection. No matter when or how much , we appreciated it greatly when YOU make the effort to swing in.
 If you're in town Here's a few items to wow 'em:
     the freshest in  MAINE LOBSTERS
                            NORTH ATLANTIC SWORDFISH... startin to get tasty
                            WILD KING SALMON.....kinda peak season
                            LOCAL CODFISH... cool enough for the oven
                            costa rican LANE SNAPPER
                            NATIVE BLUES
                            SEA SCALLOPS ..from the cape
                            yellowfinTUNA....affordable @ 11.95/lb

  fRESH CRABCAKES..BAKED STUFFED CLAMS...marinated MUSSELS, smoked  TROUT PATE.....  on and on...buried in Karimah's stuff too.
      You know we love to peel...and with Alex back , he's itching to clean a few lbs of shrimp or please call ahead for those 2 items as we like it to be as fresh as possible..
   Look forward to seeing you and your friends many thanks for your time....Fred