August 6th Reload

August 6, 2013
Dear FFDers, say it ain't so...summer ending? Can't be! But I was told that today's WILD KING SALMON  from California  is done..  Time for the gov't folks to hop in and take inventory of these beauties that have been a real treat the past few weeks.

  Today's KINGS  are loaded with fat the omega 3 variety and it may be a good week to clean out the arteries before the sedentary winter.  
  WE will be looking forward to a bounty of the swordfish through the fall ; bluefish fatten up, as well as the local white ones like the cod , haddock, flounder we've got some months ahead with other offerings and we'll just take what we're given and be happy about it.  Here's a few of those:
  these may be getting repetitive, but it's safer for me to buy what seems to sell.  I would be more than happy to grab what is known as the "queer stuff" in dock lingo...most of my trips are tuesday and friday with a warning your wish could be my command.  One of those requests today was for theBRANZINNI (gecian bera mundi type fiah)  ..anyway more and more of you are willing to tackle the whole fish at the dinner table, and I'd be more than glad to round something up.  


    come and get em... and thanks for your time, Fred

Another Friday Already

July 27, 2012
Dear FFDers,  It's noticeable on front street, usually with a constant flow of cars , that folks have gone to their different venues of vacations.  Cause it just ain't happening in Exeter. It is  not a destination for activites, but what does stay constant is the quality of offerings at your local "fish store." It is important for me to have the quality and selection for the stay-behinds, for they, in order to not feel let out, bring in folks from outside and they will feed their guest...
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Soup Central

January 25, 2012
Dear FFders, Let me quickly mention some really fine freshness found today in the Haddock, Cod, Hake, Flounder, Grey Sole,( not much else swims in the N Atl. this time of year) yup we got those and plenty others like Bluefish and wild and Farmed salmon some Halibut and plenty of Beautiful Gulf of Mexico red Grouper.  There is a reason that all the Grouper I bring back has such a faithful following:   It tastes really good!!! It has versatility and substance to its texture and is great ...
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not much missing on this end of town

December 11, 2011
Dear FFDers,  Wait til you see what we've brought back into our humble front st. locale. I decided to lean heavy on the north atlantic fare.:
   Super quality, can't misser's:  Large Haddock,   cod scrod ( small), George's bake Flounder,  Large Sea scallops.
  Other ocean wonders:  Large Bluefish,  Swordfish, Wild King salmon and farmed atl.salmon.
fresh water beauties:   rainbow trout from Idaho, incomparable taste.
  I 've had the boys dicing and chopping for abit now and here's what they've pl...
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properly labeled

October 26, 2011
Dear FFDers, More than once a smart -alec will tell me it was a good thing my last name wasn''t Weekly. The same number of folks are endeared to the catchy  title of this humble establishment. there are Daily's out there , there are Dailey's out there , and Daly's too, but did any of them venture into the fish business after having his fiancee with her roommate, after multiple glasses, brainstorm up Fresh Fish Daley??  The play on the phrase "fresh fish daily" is all it i...
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Selection, Quality

October 14, 2011
Dear FFDers,  This wouldn't a good day to put the blinders on and just slide on by the store. Beaucoup de bon poisson.!!  Or as we say on front:   Plenty of good fish.  This a great chowder night, perfect baking night, and the sword is so good it would be worth  heading out to the patio and risking a few drops on the "friday night coif" to gain a few wows from your family or friends.
   Check out these others as well:
  1) Halibut ...el primo
  2) Cod, Haddock, flounder,  ...good size, su...

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quite the lineup

September 24, 2011
Dear FFDers, Classic case of "if we don't have it,  you don't want it " kind of friday.  Gonna pour this weekend, with no chance of any "honey-do" outdoor projects.   It's looking like a "might as well eat good" type of day tomorrow. so bring some buddies over and show them how when given the time in the kitchen you don't mess around.  here's some of the things to consider:
   1) MUSSELS, STEAMERS , MINCED CLAMS,   QUAHOGS,  OYSTERS.....on the half shell , steamed, or ...

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Back to routine??

September 9, 2011
Dear FFDers,  Is there such a thing as a routine in this day and age of go-go-go.?Growing up as a early teen and enjoying as carefree a routine as existed, "go-go" meant the dancers on Hulabaloo,, a show well worth the risk of parental wrath.Today however,  only a few constants reappear like school and, for me,a life starting to revolve around a new season of sports.  But all it takes is your car to have a blow a gasket, or your child    breaks an arm on the jungle gym and "routine" exi...
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